Barn Door Systems - Smoke Rated (UL1784) 


Horton Automatics has developed a broad offering of manual sliding "barn door" configurations for the healthcare market.  These products also have applications outside the healthcare universe, such as offices, laboratories, equipment rooms, etc.  As with all Horton Automatics products the engineering criteria addresses commercial quality, durability and building code compliances.

For assistance with your application, design and specification please contact your Regional Business Manager.



Barn Door Systems - Smoke Rated (UL 1784)

 Single  None  1  Surface Applied  P-X or X-P   A10.46    
 Single  Partial  1  Surface Applied  P-SX or SX-P   A10.47    
 Single  None  1  Perimeter Mounted  O-X or X-O
 Single  Partial  1  Perimeter Mounted  O-SX or SX-O



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