HD-Storm™ 70/80/85 PSF Belt Drive 


The HD-Storm™ is tested to Miami-Dade standards to withstand pressures up to 85 PSF and is available in Full and Partial breakout configurations. It comes standard with three point locking and offers the largest envelope and highest pressure-rating in its class.



Check out our BIM Files:



 70 PSF  Small & Large  Single  Full  SO-SX or SX-SO     AH2.3-2    
 80 PSF  Non  Single  Partial  O-SX or SX-O     AH2.02    
 80 PSF  Non  Biparting  Partial  O-SX-SX-O     AH2.03    
 80 PSF  Small & Large  Single  Partial  O-SX or SX-O     AH2.00    
 80 PSF  Small & Large  Biparting  Partial  O-SX-SX-O     AH2.01    
 85 PSF  Small & Large  Biparting  Full  SO-SX-SX-SO     AH2.3-1    

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