The Profiler® Storm 2000B automatic sliding door systems are ideal for coastal hurricane and high wind applications. It is driven with a slim belt drive header tested with panic devices up to 45 PSF and 55 PSF without panic devices. It is offered in partial and full breakout configurations, up to 16’ wide (biparting).

This product is Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved.

Check out our BIM Files:

Non Impact:



 45  Large & Small w/ Panic Devices  Single  Full  SO-SX or SX-SO  17-0828.07   AH2.18  
 45  Large & Small w/ Panic Devices  Biparting  Full  SO-SX-SX-SO  17-0828.07   AH2.19  
 45  Small w/ Panic Devices  Single  Full  SO-SX or SX-SO  17-0828.08   AH2.22  
 45  Small w/ Panic Devices  Biparting  Full  SO-SX-SX-SO  17-0828.08   AH2.23  
 45  Non w/ Panic Devices  Single  Full  O-SX or SX-O  17-0828.06   AH2.26  
 45  Non w/ Panic Devices  Biparting  Full  O-SX-SX-O  17-0828.06   AH2.27  
 55  Large & Small  Single  Partial  O-SX or SX-O  17-0828.07   AH2.16  
 55  Large & Small  Biparting  Partial  O-SX-SX-O  17-0828.07   AH2.17  
 55  Large & Small  Single  Full  SO-SX or SX-SO  17-0828.07   AH2.18  
 55  Large & Small  Biparting  Full   SO-SX-SX-SO  17-0828.07   AH2.19  
 55  Small  Single  Partial  O-SX or SX-O  17-0828.08   AH2.20  
 55  Small  Biparting  Partial  O-SX-SX-O  17-0828.08   AH2.21  
 55  Small  Single  Full  SO-SX or SX-SO  17-0828.08   AH2.22  
 55  Small  Biparting  Full  SO-SX-SX-SO  17-0828.08   AH2.23  
 55  Non  Single  Partial  O-SX or SX-O  17-0828.06   AH2.24  
 55  Non  Biparting  Partial  O-SX-SX-O  17-0828.06   AH2.25  
 55  Non  Single  Full  SO-SX-SX-SO  17-0828.06   AH2.26  
 55  Non  Biparting  Full  SO-SX-SX-SO  17-0828.06   AH2.27  
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