UltraClean™ Sterile 


The UltraClean Sterile is ideal for very low particulate applications such as food preparation facilities. Systems are available in single or biparting configurations, surface applied or mounted within wall opening. Systems include:

  • Series 2001 heavy duty belt drive operator with 6" x 8" header
  • Flush stainless steel panels

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 Single  None - Type 010  Mounted within Wall Opening  O-X or X-O   C7.12    
 Single  Partial - Type 110  Mounted within Wall Opening  O-SX or SX-O   C7.16    
 Single  None - Type 010  Surface Applied  P-X or X-P   C7.13    
 Single  Partial - Type 110  Surface Applied  P-SX or SX-P   C7.17    
 Biparting  None - Type 010  Mounted within Wall Opening  O-X-X-O   C7.14    
 Biparting  Partial - Type 110  Mounted within Wall Opening  O-SX-SX-O   C7.18    
 Biparting  None - Type 010  Surface Applied  P-X-X-P   C7.15    
 Biparting  Partial - Type 110  Surface Applied  P-SX-SX-P   C7.19    
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