SentryLane Series 3100 


SentryLane™ 3100 Optical Barrier Swing Glass speed lanes are aesthetically pleasing, high-security entrance systems that optimize flow of authorized building traffic. The efficient “No-Touch” swing glass barriers, available in Low Glass and High Glass models, offer a visual deterrent to would-be trespassers and tailgaters. The clean, open styling of glass along with a standard brushed stainless-steel finish and optional Corian® top provide a sophisticated look that complements any setting.

SentryLane™ 3100 Optical Bi-Parting Full Glass Barrier, available in Standard and Extended pedestals, combines an advanced Beam Scan optical detection solution with sophisticated motion control technology to provide a superior entrance system with a classic look. The frameless glass barrier coupled with a brushed stainless steel pedestal and a Corian® top provides a clean, open feeling that complements any setting. The glass barrier height can be configured at waist, chest or head levels.

SentryLane™ 3100 Optical Retractable Wing Barrier speed lane is an aesthetically pleasing, high-security entrance system that optimizes flow of authorized building traffic. The angled design of the ½" clear Lexan® barrier adds an elegant flair to any entryway. The product’s brushed stainless steel finish and Corian® top further accent the entrance system’s progressive styling.

Method of Operation

When a person approaches the speed lane for entry, they present an access card to the access control card reader, which is typically mounted inside the pedestal.

  • Entrance Allowed: Top-mounted lane status indicator (LSI) displays green arrow pointing in authorized direction, along with audible confirmation tone.  The glass barrier will open and allow the user to walk through.
  • Entrance Declined: LSI displays read "X" and an audible alarm indicates an invalid entry or tailgating attempt.

 Style  Barrier Height  Details  Specs  CAD
 Optical Bi-Parting Full Glass  48", 60", 72"   G5.00    -
 Optical Bi-Parting Full Glass - Extended  48", 60", 72"   G5.01    -
 Optical Barrier Swing Glass  48", 60", 72"  -    -
 Optical Barrier Swing Glass  30.5"  -    -
 Optical Retractable Wing Barrier  26"  -    -
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