Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing ICU 


This system allows for normal two-way traffic using a swing door with an adjacent folding door providing multiple options of use for larger clear openings up to 83 inches. Available for openings ranging from six to eight feet and comes standard with a low profile header.

Check out our BIM Files:


 Fold-Swing or Swing-Fold  None  Trackless  No  LHR/RHR-RH or LHR-LH/RHR   A10.08    
 Bi-Fold Single  None  Trackless  No  Fold-out or Fold-in   A10.09    
 Bi-Fold Pair  None  Trackless  No  Fold-out or Fold-in   A10.10    
 Bi-Swing Single  None  Trackless  No  RHR/RH or LHR/LH   A10.11    
 Bi-Swing Pair  None  Trackless  No  LHR/LH -RHR/RH   A10.12    

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