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Beijing Capital Terminal 3 APM  


As part of the infrastructure to support the 2008 Olympic summer games, the Chinese government revamped Beijing’s transportation system, adding the new Terminal 3 (T3) to the Beijing Capital airport. The new terminal would be able to handle 60 percent of the airport’s total capacity. The new T3 took nearly four years to complete and now boasts a modern Automated People Mover system to help manage the volume of air passengers on this mega city of 15 million people.

The expanded Capital International is China’s first airport to have three terminals, two towers and three runways in operation simultaneously. It will also become the largest airport in Asia in land size and one of the world’s largest in capacity and land size. T3 itself is far larger than HKIA’s and Suvarnabhumi’s main passenger terminals, with a land area of approximately 986,000 square meters, it is also larger than London Heathrow Airports 5 terminals combined into one with another 17% to spare.

Horton Automatics Solution to Beijing

Horton Automatics is proud to have contributed to the completion of this impressive infrastructure. Horton designed, installed and commissioned the platform screen door system for this new modern APM. This APM system consists of 3 stations and 96 P-X-X-P doors that synchronize with the train system supplied by Bombardier Transportation. Horton is proud to be a part of the great changes coming to the city of Beijing and the country of China.

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