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Horton Develops New State of the Art Control for Zhujiang New Town Automated People Mover 


Guangzhou Metro is the metro system of the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province of China. The earliest project to build an underground rapid transit system in Guangzhou dates back to 1960 but it was not until 1993 that construction of the first line, Line 1, officially began. Line 1 opened four years later in 1997 with five stations in operation.

As of November 2010, Guangzhou Metro has eight lines in operation. A major portion of the metro system services the urban areas of the city, while Lines 2, 3 and 4 also reach into the suburban areas in Huadu, Baiyun District, Panyu and Nansha; Guangfo Line connects Guangzhou and Foshan and is the first intercity underground metro line in the country. Daily ridership averages 4.39 million. Having delivered 1.18 billion rides in 2010, Guangzhou Metro is the sixth busiest metro system in the world.

Guangzhou Metro operates 144 stations, including 14 interchange stations, and 236 km of tracks. Massive expansion of the metro network has been planned for the decade of 2011–2020. Two new lines, Line 6 and Line 9, and the extension of Guangfo Line are already under construction and expected to be completed before 2015. Total operational capacity is scheduled to exceed 600 km by 2020.

Horton Automatics Solution to Guangzhou

Part of the modernization of this system includes the progressive addition of Platform Screen Doors. For this project, Horton partnered with Panasonic Electric to develop the 132 drive and control systems for Zhujiang New Town APM. The system was designed to drive locally-made Stainless Steel formed doors and to provide communication and feedback to station control regarding the status of each platform screen door. For this system, Horton developed the new GZ control to accommodate the specifics of the Panasonic specification. The platform screen door systems started operation in February 2010.

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