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DFW's Skylink System  


Skylink is an automated people mover system in operation at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). It is an application of the Bombardier Innovia APM 200 system manufactured by Bombardier Transportation, and is the world's largest airport train system. Sixty-four Skylink trains are in service at DFW.

The system was opened in spring 2005 and is completely automated. Skylink trains run every two minutes and travel at speeds up to 35–37 mph (56–60 km/h). The Skylink system is airside at DFW, serving passengers connecting between flights. There is no need to leave security and be re-screened when switching terminals. The system is only accessible airside and cannot be accessed by those not arriving at DFW or who have not cleared security. Arriving International passengers (who are not pre-cleared; e.g. Canada) who are connecting clear US CBP formalities and are then security screened before access to the terminals. Departing international passengers connecting from domestic or pre-cleared international flights do not need to be re-screened.

The longest trip between farthest stations is 9 minutes with an average 5 minute journey. This allows most passengers to make a connection from any one flight to another in around seven minutes, not including walking time to and from the stations.

The concrete and steel guideway for Skylink was constructed above the terminals on 375 columns in a 4.8 mile long bi-directional loop. The inner track travels clockwise and the outer track travels counter-clockwise. Each of the five current terminals contains 2 stations which are accessed on the secure (air) side. The stations contain four sets of Horton Automatics Platform Screen Doors on each platform, with only the front 2 currently in operation pending future increased demand. Two more stations can be constructed for a sixth terminal if it is built.

This APM technology is also used at London Heathrow International Airport's T5 terminal. Horton Automatics also furnished the platform Screen Door system for London Heathrow and Gatwick as well as for the Birmingham airport in the U.K.

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