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Miami International Airport MIA Mover  


The MIA Mover is a light-rail automated people mover system operating between MIA and the two major structures of the MIC, the Rental Car Center  and the Miami Central Station.  The MIA Mover was built and is being operated by the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD). The Florida Department of Transportation was responsible for its guideway foundations and construction of its station at the MIC. The MIC Station was completed in January 2011, and the MIA Mover became operational on September 9, 2011.

The MIA Mover system has two stations. The MIA Station is located on the third level between the Flamingo and Dolphin Parking Garages at the airport; it connects with the airport's third-level moving walkways. The MIC Station is located at the fourth level of the Rental Car Center between the Customer Service Lobby and the MCS, via an elevated pedestrian walkway. Its dual elevated guideways span 1.25 miles, allowing trains to travel in both directions.

Horton Automatics Solution to MIA Mover

For this system, Horton automatics provided 48 type P-X-X-P platform screen doors and barrier walls. The MiaMover became the second Platform screen door project for the Miami-Dade Aviation department.

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